Scientific activity, projects and equipment.

Among the research preocupations designated by optics/interferometry field, our group excels in: specular and speckle interference, holography, diffractive optics, scatterometry, measurement of length and shape, visible wavelengths; and, recently, at THz radiation.

List of projects:

  • CONAPO 2006 -2008
  • DOMINO 2006 -2008
  • MEMSAS 2006 -2008
  • NMS 2006 -2008
  • AZONANO 2006 -2008
  • InART 2006 -2008
  • SUBLITO 2006 -2008

Equipment and expertise:

microscope (Zeiss)
stylus profilometer (Ambios)
interferential profilometer (Ambios)
length standard interferometer (Sios)
stabilized HeNe laser
speckle interferometry
quadrature interferometry
laser cleaning of art objects
THz time-domain spectroscopy (Ekspla)
digital micromirror device (Texas Instr.)
THz laser (Edinburgh Instr.)