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THz Imaging is a three year project organised in 4 phases.
Phase 1: Concept of THz Image Spectrometer and Simulation of Imaging and Spectroscopy
The objective of this phase is to define the end-to-end model for THz Image Spectrometer and to procure the equipment and components for its experimental model. The team will elaborate an end-to-end model for the THz Image Spectrometer. The main functions of the THz Image Spectrometer – the imaging and the spectroscopy – will be simulated under Matlab, by using synthetic input data. In this phase, it will be analysed, decided and procured the equipments and components for the THz Image spectrometer setup.
Phase 2: Setup of THz Image Spectrometer 
The objective of this phase is to elaborate and implement the setup for the THz Image Spectrometer. The equipment and components procured in Phase 1 are characterized in view of integration into the experimental model. The model is implemented and electrically tested. The scheme of the Modulator for the DMD control will be designed. Elaboration of efficient algorithms for Compressive Sensing in accordance with the THz signals statistics.
Phase 3: Functions Development for THz Image Spectrometer
Based on the Matlab simulations in Phase 1 and onto the performances assessment report in Phase 2, the specifications for the instrument functioning in the imaging and spectrometry regimes are defined. The Compressive Imaging and Hadamard spectroscopy modules are designed, implemented and integrated into the software module of the experimental model.
Phase 4: THz Image Spectrometer Validation and Evaluation
Two or three scenarios for ESA applications and 1-2 scenarios for spin-offs will be selected. The experiments conditions will be created and the experiments validated according some procedures. A study for the technical development perspectives will be elaborated.
∴ Facts
Title: Compressive THz Imaging and Hadamard Spectroscopy for Space Applications
Project No: 17/19.11.2012
Project type: CDI STAR Project
Starting date: Nov 2012
Duration: 36 months
Partners: 2
INFLPR - Coordinator
CEO Space Tech - Partner
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