THz Imaging Compressive sensing Hadamard spectroscopy THz Laser DMD Hadamard matrices Experimental model v1.0 Experimental model v2.0 Experimental model v3.0
Project Coordinator: Florin Garoi
Scientific Managers: Dan Apostol and Daniela Colțuc
Quality Assurance Coordinator: Mihai Datcu
Project Administrator: Iuliana Urzică
The consortium for this project is composed of INFLPR (Coordinator) and CeoSpace Tech (Partner). At the highest level, there is the Project Manager (PM). The PM plans, organizes and manages the resources to achieve all the project goals and objectives.
His main tasks are: to schedule the management, to communicate and report, to organize the reviews, to manage the costs and the risks, to manage the documentation. The PM conducts the project scientific lead and provides technical guidance.
At the lowest level, 4 Phase Responsibles (PR) coordinate the completion of the technical tasks within project phases. Phase 2 and 4 are coordinated by INFLPR scientists, Phase 1 and 3 by CeoSpace Tech scientists.
∴ Facts
Title: Compressive THz Imaging and Hadamard Spectroscopy for Space Applications
Project No: 17/19.11.2012
Project type: CDI STAR Project
Starting date: Nov 2012
Duration: 36 months
Partners: 2
INFLPR - Coordinator
CEO Space Tech - Partner
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[July 23rd-24th, 2013]
Installation of the THz laser
[Jan 20th, 2013]
THz Imaging website online
[Nov 19th, 2012]
Project start