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THz laser
The FIRL100 laser system, in either of its operating modes, is a class IV laser as defined by the EN60825 (Safety of laser products) and 21-CFR-1040 (Performance standards for light-emitting products) classification standards.
The model FIRL100 has both the CO2 pump laser and the FIR laser housed in an integrated structure combining a highly efficient optically pumped FIR system into a single compact unit. The lasers and coupling optics are mounted within a 5 bar invar rod frame for excellent thermal and mechanical stability.
The CO2 section provides 80 lines between 9.1μm and 10.9μm and features a flowing gas single discharge tube giving more than 50W on the strongest lines. Mode performance (M2<1.25) is assured by internal profiling of the tube and the use of high quality optics. The resonator design is based on the proven PL5 laser with diffraction grating, two ZnSe Brewster windows and piezo ceramic mounted ZnSe output coupler.
The CO2 laser output is coupled into the FIR laser via two steering mirrors and a ZnSe focussing lens. Access to the CO2 radiation beam diagnostics for Infrared experiments is available via a precision, two position sliding mirror mechanism.
We are using the following three FIR lines, with their corresponding output powers: 118.83μm (150mW), 133.1μm (1mW), and 163μm (36mW) respectively.
For more information, please download laser series flyer (.PDF file, 1.28 MB).
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  2. FIR Series, Edinburgh Instruments
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Title: Compressive THz Imaging and Hadamard Spectroscopy for Space Applications
Project No: 17/19.11.2012
Project type: CDI STAR Project
Starting date: Nov 2012
Duration: 36 months
Partners: 2
INFLPR - Coordinator
CEO Space Tech - Partner
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