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Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)
The Vialux module V-7000 consists of two major elements:
  1. Digital micromirror device (DMD)
  2. Digital light processor (DLP)

The active component, DMD, is produced by Texas Instruments. From the optical point of view the DMD consists of 786,432 highly reflective, digitally switchable, micrometer-sized mirrors(″micromirrors″), organized in a two-dimensional array of 1024 micromirror columns by 768 micromirror rows (see image bellow).

Each aluminium micromirror is approximately 13.68 microns in size, and is switchable between two discrete angular positions: –12° and +12°. The angular positions are measured relative to a 0° ″flat state″, which is parallel to the array plane (see image bellow).

The tilt direction is perpendicular to the hinge-axis which is positioned diagonally relative to the overall array. The ″On State″ landed position is directed towards ″Row 0, Column 0″ (upper left) corner of the device package (″Micromirror Hinge-Axis Orientation″). In the field of visual displays, the 1024 by 768 ″pixel″ resolution is referred to as ″XGA″.

An example of Hadamard mask applied with this DMD is shown in the image bellow.

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Title: Compressive THz Imaging and Hadamard Spectroscopy for Space Applications
Project No: 17/19.11.2012
Project type: CDI STAR Project
Starting date: Nov 2012
Duration: 36 months
Partners: 2
INFLPR - Coordinator
CEO Space Tech - Partner
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